Interesting fact about relation between Ujjain “Mahakal” and other Jyotirling:

Distance between Mahakal and other Jyotirlingas:

Somnath – 777 km
Omkareshwar – 111 km
Bhimashankar – 666 km
Kashi Vishwanath – 999 km
Mallikarjun – 999 km
Kedarnath – 888 km
Trimbakeshwar – 555 km
Baijyanath – 999 km
Rameshwaram – 1999 km
Grishneshwar – 555 km

In vedic tradition nothing happens without a reason Ujjain is considered to be the centre of earth. 2050 years ago sophisticated yantras for astrological Calculation and calculation of Movements of Sun were placed in Ujjain. And just hundred years ago when Western scientists created an imaginary line the Tropic of Cancer it miraculously passed through Ujjain.